Namespace workarounds


Workarounds to write some STL logs.

@detail There is workaround needed to loop through some stl containers. In order to do that, we need iterable containers of same type and provide iterator interface and pass it on to writeIterator(). Remember, this is passed by value in constructor so that we dont change original containers. This operation is as expensive as Big-O(std::min(class_.size(), base::consts::kMaxLogPerContainer))


IterableContainerAbstract IterableContainer template that provides interface for iterable classes of type T.
IterablePriorityQueueImplements IterableContainer and provides iterable std::priority_queue class.
IterableQueueImplements IterableContainer and provides iterable std::queue class.
IterableStackImplements IterableContainer and provides iterable std::stack class.


Line 2796 in src/easylogging++.h.

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