//  different-output.cpp
//  v1.0
//  Multiple loggers to have different output for file and console

#include "easylogging++.h"


#define MY_CUSTOM_LOGGER(LEVEL) CLOG(LEVEL, "default", "fileLogger")

int main() {
    el::Configurations fileConf("../file.conf");
    el::Configurations consoleConf("../console.conf");
    el::Loggers::addFlag(el::LoggingFlag::MultiLoggerSupport); // Enables support for multiple loggers
    el::Logger* fileLogger = el::Loggers::getLogger("fileLogger"); // Register new logger
    el::Loggers::reconfigureLogger("default", consoleConf);
    el::Loggers::reconfigureLogger(fileLogger, fileConf);
    MY_CUSTOM_LOGGER(INFO) << "This is how we do it.";
    return 0;

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